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At CCKM we know that it is vital to know how the body moves to recognise the small indications that help differentiate which strike you need to counter and when people may choose a certain strike.  This class help you to understand the human body, the state of a person’s mind within the fight and subsequently how people will react under pressure.

This class also combines understanding with physical conditioning. Slowly, safely and effectively we teach your body to be able to receive calculated strikes. Knowing which hits you can take without 


serious damage, in order toensure your overall safety and finally to be able to recover from a surprise attack quickly and still drive forward.

Knowing how to defend yourself and your loved ones 
have key elements:

  • Seeing an attack as soon as possible
  • Reacting as soon as possible
  • Countering assertively and confidently as soon as possible
  • Being able to do all these things even if you have been struck down

In today’s 
culture, many people can throw a punch, a kick or even more complicated strikes like elbows and knees. We are exposed to how fighting looks in movies, sport and even unfortunately in our own lives if someone decides you have become their target.

knowing how violence looks and being able to use the keys above effectively is not a certainty.  This class takes your training to a new level of understanding and the body to the next level of conditioning.