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KUDOZZ for Kids & Juniors

Our Kudozz program for Kids & Juniors - The objective is to teach them to have personal self-confidence, respect for others, commitment, determination, discipline and to have good decision-making tools.  Kids and Juniors learn to acknowledge their intuition, listen to it and act on it when needed. The program includes health and fitness training, self defence training, games and fun!

Kids and Juniors have different methods of learning, as well as different challenges.  Hence this program was designed to enhance their confidence thru better health and fitness; to help them use their voice effectively, provide foundations of resilience building to help overcome tough challenges, and ensure they understand preventative options to limit the dangers they may encounter in the real world.

This program uses the methods developed by International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). Our kids and juniors instructors have attained full accreditation to deliver these programs.  Krav Maga enables children and teens, in a relatively short period, to learn techniques which have been carefully adapted to match their respective age and physical abilities. From learning how to recognize and handle common confrontations like bullies to more serious threats like multiple bullies or adult threats.  We openly and cautiously explain attack scenarios they may encounter,  the difference between being bullied by a classmate versus an attack by an unknown adult; we explain their options for each situation and what is the appropriate response for them.

Krav Maga Kids
Ages 5+
Grading levels K1 / K2 / K3 / K4 / K5
Krav Maga Juniors
Ages 10+
Grading levels J1 / J2 / J3 / J4 / J5