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Krav Maga (meaning Contact Combat) has gained in popularity due to it's practical application in highly

dangerous situations - where there are no rules and no regulations.

Krav Maga was developed in the late 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld and it was used to defend the Jews

against fascist groups in Bratislava. Using techniques from boxing, wresting, grappling and other styles

of martial arts. In the 1940's, he immigrated  to Israel  where he taught the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)

the style that has developed into Krav Maga. Krav Maga has three main branches - civilian,

law enforcement and military - and has been refined for each of them individually. 

It's philosophy is to realise the threat asap, deal and neutralize using defensive as well as offensive

techniques, then disengaging to a safe place.

A trained Krav Maga practitioner will be able spot a situation, react in the proper manner and not always with force. If force is the only resolution, we will look to finish the combat as quickly as possible while receiving the least damage. The outcome being that he/she is safe and protected by the law with their response. 

Training Krav Maga demands discipline. Targeting vulnerable areas in the body eg: groin, throat, eyes,  joints... can be very painful and dangerous. We train with protective gear to ensure safety. The training simulates real life scenarios and involves pressure drills with multiple attackers using weapons. We also work on fitness and strength training as they are valuable to your ability in dealing with situations that can be very demanding.

Similar to other martial arts there are graded levels starting at 
Practitioner 1-5
Graduate 1-5  
Expert 1-5 
The IKMF ensures a high level of quality trainers so that Krav Maga will be taught safely and consistently.